Own processing center!

DemirBank is the first bank in Kyrgyzstan, which since 2002 has its own Processing Center located in Kyrgyzstan. This allows our customers, VISA and Mastercard cardholders, to receive services promptly within the terminal network, regardless of the geopolitical situation!

We would like to remind that currently DemirBank cards work as usual in Kyrgyzstan and abroad, with the exception of the Russian Federation!

Own processing center allows to:


  • Provide the highest quality and prompt services to customers, process transactions online
  • Carry out independent monitoring and control of fraudulent card transactions
  • Develop a network of ATMs and POS-terminals without the help of third parties
  • Quickly fulfill customer orders for the production and maintenance of cards
  • Exclude access to confidential information about customers, accounts, transactions by third parties

Detailed information – round-the-clock contact center 2222



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