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Last Tickets: Sustainable Finance (Virtual) Forum 7-8 April 2022

The Sustainable Finance Forum Eastern Europe, Caucasus & Central Asia (SusFinForum EECA) which will take place on 7-8 April 2022 online. Union of Banks of Kyrgyzstan, as the forum’s media partner is happy to remind you that you still can register to participate in the 4th edition of the SusFinForum with a special discount.

SusFinForum EECA – is an annual forum, which gathers around 200 banks, microfinance institutions, asset managers, project sponsors, investors & financiers in the EECA region and beyond.

The two-day forum will present the latest developments and practices in the regional markets, share insights into sustainable finance, solutions it provides for creating a positive environmental and environmental impact. It will feature key organisations and professionals, who will discuss the latest trends in sustainable finance in the region of Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia and beyond.

During the SusFinForum EECA 2022 you will be able to join the networking platform, connect with counterparts, set up new partnerships, and participate in professional experience exchange etc.

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Own processing center!

DemirBank is the first bank in Kyrgyzstan, which since 2002 has its own Processing Center located in Kyrgyzstan. This allows our customers, VISA and Mastercard cardholders, to receive services promptly within the terminal network, regardless of the geopolitical situation!

We would like to remind that currently DemirBank cards work as usual in Kyrgyzstan and abroad, with the exception of the Russian Federation!

Own processing center allows to:


  • Provide the highest quality and prompt services to customers, process transactions online
  • Carry out independent monitoring and control of fraudulent card transactions
  • Develop a network of ATMs and POS-terminals without the help of third parties
  • Quickly fulfill customer orders for the production and maintenance of cards
  • Exclude access to confidential information about customers, accounts, transactions by third parties

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How Banks Can Be Key Enablers in the Fight Against Climate Change

Banks can play a crucial role in advocating CO2-conscious lifestyles among consumers. CO2 emissions are derived from consumption, which is enabled by spending money, and money is handled by banks. Because the drastic impacts of climate change are already being seen, banks need to take responsibility and act to fight it.

Studies have estimated that 70% of CO2 emissions are driven by consumer behavior. Banks and financial institutions can be key enablers in fighting climate change because they see and process all our transactions. This provides them with a wealth of information about consumption patterns and preferences.

If banks can calculate customers’ carbon emissions based on transaction data, they can show them their individual carbon footprints. However, it is not enough to tell consumers how their lifestyle choices affect climate change; they must also advise them on how they can reduce their emissions, incorporating sustainability into personal finance management.

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UBK Members are invited to the Sustainable Finance Forum EECA 2021

The Union of Banks of Kyrgyzstan joins as the Media Partner to the 3rd edition of the Sustainable Finance Forum Eastern Europe, Caucasus & Central Asia (SusFinForum EECA 2021), which will take place on 15-16 April 2021 in online interactive format. The SusFinForum is organised by the Dutch company Greenpact BV in collaboration with the forum’s Gold sponsors CMS Cameron McKenna LLC and Mikro Kapital Management S.A.

About the SusFinForum:

SusFinForum is an annual forum for investees (banks, microfinance institutions, leasing providers, project developers) and investors (funds, asset managers, investors & financiers) in the EECA region that are committed to creating a social and environmental impact in the region.
The goal of the SusFinForum is to enable partnerships between funds and banks/MFI-s to catalyze investments for the sustainable and green transition of the region. The goal of the forum is to catalyze investments for sustainable infrastructure and development in the region, through innovative financing models. The forum is specifically designed for impact investors, commercial banks, microfinance institutions, SMEs and start-ups that have a business model incorporating environmental and social impact.
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Reduction of a commission fee in payment terminals “Optima Bank” and Optima24 for replenishment of the electronic wallet “Elsom”

Now the commission fee for replenishing the electronic wallet “Elsom” is reduced to 1,7% in all payment terminals of the Bank and in the “Optima24” Internet Banking.

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