“Week of Savings” project results

In the period of October and the first decade of November, Door Open Days were conducted in more than 100 Kompanion Bank sub branches for students of 9-11 grades. Employees of the Kompanion Bank informed young people importance of savings and effective planning of pocket money spending.  Talks were implemented in a fun and interactive form. Young people made calculations of profits from deposits and answered questions about world currencies as well as gave examples of simple ways to save money. Right answers received prizes such as company gifts. Also, participants were interested about cash encashment service system.  During Door Open Days more than 1000 children participated in the event. 86 new clients opened special deposit program “Future Millionaire”.

Kompanion Bank will continue cooperation with parents, teachers and high school students to educate and promote financial competence and savings skills. Project was initiated by the National Bank of Kyrgyz Republic and Germany Savings Fund.

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