Kompanion Bank successfully held the 12th annual Apple Festival on October 25, 2017.

The event took place in Iskra village of Leylek region (Batken oblast) with active support from local government bodies. During the event, the farmers have sold approximately one thousand ton of apples.

Representatives of local and regional administrations, the town hall of Suluykta and the official delegation from Tajikistan attended the launch of the festival. The guests noted the importance of the event for Kyrgyz farmers and expressed their interest in purchase of apples by Tajik processers. The festival has thus broken into the international market. Mr. Munarbek Nasirov, the Head of the State Administration Office of Batken oblast, thanked Kompanion Bank for its contribution to the development of Kyrgyzstan’s agricultural sector.

Local people pointed out that apart from economic benefits, Kompanion Bank gave them a real treat: an interesting concert program impressed both adults and children. In addition to stage performances prepared by students of Manas secondary school, the visitors of the festival enjoyed the exhibition fair where 12 apple cultivars were showcased and had a chance to taste various fruit dishes.

The visitors of the event share their experiences:

Mansurov Kamalidin, farmer, buyer: “I bought 500 tons of Red Delicious and Reinette Simirenko (Wood’s Greening) apples at the festival today. It’s very convenient that you can buy so many fruit in one place. I’ve got a special fruit storage. I’m going to resell the apples to Russia and Kazakhstan.”

Segizbaev Janyshbek, farmer, seller: “I sold 2.5 tons of apples today thanks to the Apple Festival. Very glad there is a platform where I can sell my crop.”

Abdullaev Jumabay, Head of Usmat Matkarimov farm: “I’ve participated in two Apple Festivals and at the Development Fair that was also organized by Kompanion Bank. I can say that not only such events facilitate sharing experiences, but they also encourage farmers to export their products and sell it locally as well. I’d like to mention that for today’s event farmers have brought not only apples but other agricultural products too. For example, I’ve brought high quality certified cereal seeds that you can buy for way less money here at the festival.” 

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