Kompanion Bank is a regular partner of Khan Manas international tournament

img_1082Kompanion Bank has been supporting Khan Manas International Judo Tournament for young people for 7 years now. The tournament began in 2010. Participants from neighboring countries take part in the tournament, and the tournament has become one of the most important sport events in Central Asia. The main idea of the tournament is to give ideological education and form good human values amongst young people.

“We are happy to support the tournament Khan Manas again, because this kind of events help to encourage healthy lifestyle, saving traditions and building stronger friendship between sportsmen from different countries”- noted Chief Executive Officer of Kompanion Bank, Ulanbek Termechikov.

img_10467th Khan Manas International Tournament will take place on the 3rd and 4thof December in Bishkek. Many famous Judo sportsmen from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran and other countries will participate in the event.

The event is organized by “Kyrgyz El” public union in partnership with the State Agency for Young People Activities, Physical Health and Sports and National Judo Federation.

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