BTA Bank CJSC has won at the first deposit auction

logo_btaMinistry of Finances of the Kyrgyz Republic has awarded deposits to the amount of 106.8 mln KGS to BTA Bank for the best provisions at the first open auction for repayable funds placement.

In its turn, BTA Bank has undertaken to co-finance with its own funds, having nearly doubled the amount of the allocated tranche.

In the result the business owners and small and medium business entities in countryside will receive access to credits in KGS on the following favorable terms:

  Credit conditions: For prospective borrower:
1. Branches: Trade, services, production, agriculture
2. Business place: Except for Bishkek city and Osh city
3. Purpose of credit: Any purposes (replenishment of current assets, purchase of fixed capital etc.)
4. Currency of credit: KGS
5. Term of credit: Up to 36 months
6. Interest rate: 20% – 21% per annum


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